About Us

   Well guys, I feel as amazing as our journey has been that we should share a little bit of our back story with y'all. We are a family run business. We come from a little one horse town with population around 800, and I'm still convinced that that sign's being generous.

    We started this journey because I was working part time at a t-shirt shop as a graphic designer after I graduated college. I quickly learned that this was my calling because of the passion that I felt for being able to grow my craft and to be able to make people happy with my passion, however I wasn't quite sure how this would lead me to my "grown up job."

   Growing up my mom had always had a very successful embroidery business that she was even featured inside of the World Trade Center so she has been around this industry most of my life. She and I thought and prayed long and hard about it and decided that hand in hand we could make this thing (our dreams) work. After getting out of college and life hitting us both we were both smacked with the cold hard truth-- the bottom line for any start up business is you need some mulah or for us- investors! That's where more of my family came in to play.



 It's always been my Grandpa and Grandma's dream for their kids and grandchildren  to raise our families here where they grew up, in podunk Alton, MO (which is where I graduated from as well.) As gorgeous as it is out here in the Mark Twain National Forest we are unfortunately a poverty stricken community and it is VERY difficult for us to find good jobs around these parts. 

  So they helped us to finance a t-shirt shop that happened to be a God thing for it to come available at the exact right time, right place, and JUST SO happened to be the store that I was currently employed at part time. So on that very day, my Mom and I quit our full time jobs to cannon ball into our new career paths and pursue this new adventure together.

  This all wouldn't be possible without the help of another member of our family,  she has been the keeper of all that is important and helped to keep us all on task on the financial side of it and I just want to make sure she gets acknowledged for all of her help.

  We believe that God has blessed us tremendously with an amazing opportunity to live in our small community where we call home, be able to make a living, employ other people from our hometown, and put our tax dollars back into our school district. Extra jobs are something that can never hurt a large town, but especially a small one. 

  While trying to figure out what we were going to do for our subscription style we decided why not stick to what we love, the country- and simply follow our hearts. That's what's gotten us this far!

    So enjoy your t-shirt, from our family to yours.