How does billing work for my subscription?

Upon enrollment your credit or debit card will immediately be charged $13.75 ($10 for the shirt, +$3.75 shipping and handling), and depending on when you subscribed you will either be shipped the current months shirt (when you subscribe on or before the 15th of each month) or you will receive the next months shirt when they are shipped out on the 1st week of every month (subscribing the 16th or after.) After your first charge of $13.75 you will be charged exactly one month after the initial charge.

Example: You subscribed November 11th, the next charge will be December 11th. 

Once I enroll to be a monthly subscriber am I locked in for a certain amount of time or can I cancel anytime?

You are not locked in, you are free to cancel anytime. But why would you?? It's only $10,  we spend more than that at McDonald's! We want you to stay our customer because you love our product, not because you're stuck. 

We're moving and we need to change our address. 

  To change your address it is very simple!! Just login to your account by going to www.lazetshirts.com click on the icon on the top right of the corner that looks like 3 horizontal lines, once you click that scroll down and look to the left of the screen and it will say login. Type in your email and password that you set up upon setting up your membership, once you're logged in click manage my account. After clicking manage my account click on Registration Info and here you can change your address, size, etc. 

I need to change my credit card information.

No problem! Simply send us an email us at lazetshirts@gmail.com and we can make sure everything is updated correctly for you.

I want to cancel my subscription.

We understand that things happen and sometimes you just need to cancel although we are sad to see you go. To cancel your monthly subscription simply login to your membership portal *see login info on how to update my address once you are logged in click on manage my accounts. On that page it will say actions as a header and the option to cancel is below that. Simply click cancel and your subscription will cease.

Multiple Subscriptions.

Do you have a friend, family member, coworker who's super jealous of all your awesome t-shirts?? Well say no more! You can get them a subscription and we will simply mail it to their address! Way easy, right? To subscribe another person all you do is go to the homepage, scroll halfway down and click the link "Join the Club" and subscribe them exactly the same way you subscribed originally, except on the Ship To: be sure to put THEIR name so that the computer doesn't automatically assume it's you since you will probably be setting it up with the same email address that you share for your account. This step is very important. :) 


What kind of shirts do use?

The material of our shirts varies from month to month between 100% ringspun cotton and a 50/50 poly cotton blend depending on the color we choose for our Shirt of the Month t-shirts. Ringspun cotton has a soft feel, wears very comfortably, and fits true to size. Additionally, all of our shirts are preshrunk and unisex. We’re flexible, so you can change your size from month to month to accommodate any changes or to share your subscription with others! Each month we use either the Bella + Canvas shirts or we use District Made, as y'all know these are excellent, boutique style t-shirts. 


When will my order ship?

Our standard shipping rate is USPS First Class mail. Transit times are roughly 3-5 days although it is usually a little faster for in state orders. We process and ship items in the order that we receive between 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday. Please allow 3-5 days for processing of order to be completed. Shirt of the Month shipments will generally arrive within the first few business days of the new month.


How do you handle returns/exchanges?
For reference, all of our shirts are unisex and preshrunk so they fit pretty true to size, we have attached a sizing chart on the page self titled! Still, if you find that your shirt doesn't fit to your comfort, we will be glad to arrange an exchange. Please mail your shirt to us at:

LAZE T Shirts

PO BOX 118

Alton, MO 65606

Be sure to include a note that has your name, the size you wish to exchange for, and your shipping address and as long as we have that size available, we will happily send you a new shirt at no additional cost to you. Please note that all shirts must be unwashed and unworn in order to qualify for an exchange. To find out if we have the size you need in stock, please email lazetshirts@gmail.com



    *You must have all account changes requested by the 15th of each month, so that we can make sure to have you subscription out by the first week of the following month. This includes address, size, credit cards, etc changes.


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